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is a powerful program that is designed for fast movement through ten different levels.  Each of these levels consists of a 2x2 matrix. With having a 2x2 matrix system this will allow for spillover and allow everyone to cycle through the system quickly, which will allow us to make money faster.


All payments/sales are final; no refunds will be issued.  If your account is closed or suspended due to a breach by you of the terms of service, your entry fee will be forfeited.


Yes.  Titanwinds is available to individuals worldwide.

Yes.  Multiple accounts are allowed; each account must have a separate email address.  You may use the same payment account address for different Titanwinds accounts you or your family may have.

Banner Ads will be shown on the front page and Members Dashboard. If you buy those Ad Places you buy also clicks on these banners. When the clicks are reduced to 0 your Banner Ad is no longer active.

Banners in the Business Directory are shown in a special area on the front-page.

First, you have to buy a WEB PLAN in the BUY WEBSITE CREDITS directory then you can add websites of your choice in the MY WEBSITE directory. Those websites will be shown in the Traffic exchanger (START SURFING).

The more websites you look at the more credits you earn for your own websites. These earned credits can be assigned to your own websites.

BUY START PAGE is a feature, if bought by you, you can choose which day your website comes first in the Traffic exchanger.

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