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Titanfinity has created a complete payment system that will allow you to generate revenue quickly. You need to complete a cycle (to have 6 people under you) to generate income. Similarly, will happen to all who enter that line. The operation of the matrix is as follows:

The forced matrix will fill up from left to right and from top to bottom.


There are several ways to complete your matrix:

It has a 2-level Overflow system for all business centres, which means that the platform will locate all persons entering Titanfinity sites to find
gaps in the sponsor's 2-level matrix. There are multiple ways in which to fill your matrix, at any level.



They are

1) Personal Sales 

2) Sales made by your personal referrals 

3) 'Spillover' from your sponsor bringing someone into your matrix. 

4) Your sponsor's personal group who refer to other sales

5) Those who have chosen to re-enter (recycle) back into your matrix after completing their full 6 sales in their 2x2.   


As you will understand, the 'Follow Me System' is so very exciting, that is, when your personal referrals enter back into your matrix, they are creating a 'new sale' into your
new matrix, helping to fill your new matrix and as their people 'recycle' they can also help to fill your matrix. These are 'new sales' and may occur quite rapidly, all from
a ONE TIME purchase.


Your matrix is always filled from left to right and then from top to bottom.


After completing the level you are in (can be in multiple levels at one time) you will have to purchase a new matrix to regenerate commissions in that
level.  When one of those you invited previously also cycles and buys a new matrix at the same level, it will follow you to your new matrix automatically (follow me system).


There are no limits as to how many times you can reacquire the business centres and recycle. 


Also, please note, there is ONLY ONE entry per email address allowed.  We highly discourage anyone from taking multiple positions at this time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In, there is no automated purchase of the next level or repurchase of the level you may have just completed.
So, stay engaged and decide for yourself whether to again purchase a new position in the matrix you just completed and/or buy a position in the
next level or both! 
Summary of Payments = Withdrawable Payment (Minimum Withdrawal $20)




  Business Center Cost Matrix  Sum of Payments  
  Novice $4.00 2x2 $16.00  
  Beginner $12.00 2x2 $48.00  
  Apprentice $25.00 2x2 $100.00  
  Intermediate $50.00 2x2 $200.00  
  Craftsman $100.00 2x2 $400.00  
  Professional $250.00 2x2 $1000.00  
  Advanced $500.00 2x2 $2000.00  
  Expert $1500.00     2x2 $6000.00  







 Payplan can be subject of changes.


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